Sit Spot offer a delivery, assembly, installation and rubbish removal service in most areas. This service is charged at a very reasonable rate to simply cover the associated costs and make delivery as seamless as possible for our customers. Sit Spot do provide an optional freight only versus a freight, assembly, placement, rubbish removal cost for your comparison and convenience.

We have a number of partners in major capital cities around Australia whom we work with to provide the most cost effective freight and installation services to our customers.

When quoting freight online all estimates are based on ground floor delivery only. Variations to this would need to be specified and an applicable quote would be provided.

Sit Spot do not take responsibility for any additional charges incurred for un-forseen circumstances on day of delivery. Common causes for additional charges are if the driver is required to wait around and cannot deliver immediately once arriving to site due to access or other issues or if the Buyer requests the driver on site to conduct additional services to what has been outlined in the Buyer’s quote.

If Sit Spot are charged additional fees due to changes on site on the day of delivery these will be on-forwarded to the Buyer.

All Sit Spot products come with manufacturer warranties and individual product warranties are specified on each product page.

If you have a query regarding your products and their warranty period or validity do not hesitate to contact Sit Spot and we can look up your purchase date and determine your warranty period.

All products have a minimum of 1 year warranty however most have 2 to 5 years, refer to individual product page for specific warranty periods on a product.

Manufacturer warranties often require that the item care label has not been removed or destroyed, this is particularly important for seating. Not all products contain care labels so don’t be concerned just get in touch and we can run through the warranty claim process with you.

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